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Your Lifestyle Session


$600 includes a 1.5 hour session and approximately 40 high resolution images provided to you on an online portfolio

These sessions include: engagement, maternity, newborn, personal portraits or family portraits (up to 6 people). Your lifestyle session will begin with an on-line consultation, which will help me get to know everyone, your hobbies, interests and your unique personalities for a truly personal session. You will find the link at the bottom of this page. 

The shoot will be non-traditional, very relaxed, and in a setting comfortable to you. It will feel like we are all just ‘hanging out’. There won’t be a lot of posing. I encourage my clients to just be yourself, so I can capture the quiet, personal and real moments. A day in the life of you and your family.

I create the final ‘look’ of the images, based on each session and those I photograph. What I feel best suits them, while still keeping to my artistic aesthetic.

And because my clients are awesome., sessions for returning customers are $400. 

What to Wear


Whether you dress up or dress down, it is important that every person dresses in their own personal style.   

You can try coordinating without overly matching:

  • most importantly - try to showcase your individual styles and personalities through the clothing you select.

  • if one person decides on a floral dress, the other may choose a solid shirt that picks up one of the colors from her dress.

  • if you decide to work from a color palette, try using 3-4 colors. Mixing it up will defer the ‘matchy-matchy’ look. Especially with large families.

  • do you tend to wear a lot of one color? That’s ok, just break it up with a colorful accent, like a cardigan or a statement necklace.

Location, Location


The location of a lifestyle session is a huge factor  in creating a personalized ‘look’ for the images. So let's make it about you. 

Whether it be somewhere romantic and vintage, architectural and modern or quiet and personal, it should represent those that are being photographed. During our creative consultations, I will work with you in picking out 1 or 2 locations that will provide a perfect backdrop for the images. 

To help with the creative brainstorming:

  • what are some of the places you like to visit?

  • what activities do you enjoy together as a family?

  • does the architectural/decorating style of your home represent you well?

  • open to suggestions? There are plenty of locations just waiting to be photographed!

  • my fav? Home.



Don't freak out! We got this!

Posing for the camera is a little awkward for everyone. But that is ok, we can do it. With the style I try to achieve, I look for more candid and personal moments.

What I will do is direct you into a pose, and then let you just interact with each other naturally. Try to ignore me, and just be yourself. 

Couples - Take the moment to think about the day, each other, your history and your future. I may ask you to think of certain times in your relationship, or tell me a story of the both of you. If a smooch happens, all the better!

A simple tip to help you feel comfortable behind the camera is to give yourself a trial run at home: 

Grab your partner and get in front of a full length mirror. Try some different poses, find out what you like best. It may feel embarrassing at first, but not having to worry about what you look like, will take a lot of stress off you and definitely add to the photos.

Let me get to know you!


The questionnaire below will help me get a better sense of everyone included in the shoot, and will help make for a more personalized and comfortable session. To ensure the form gets sent to me, please fill out on a desktop computer. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

I'm looking forward to working with you in our upcoming Lifestyle Session!


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To ensure the best client care available, I also have policies in place to ensure a seamless process, from booking until I present you with your images.  

  • To confirm the date of your booking, a signed contract must be submitted to me prior to the date of our session. The investment amount of your session is due either before or on the day of our booking.

  • If you must reschedule your session, please provide me with a one week notice so we can reschedule your session and I can provide this time for another client. A maximum of two reschedules are permitted.

  • Once your images are captured, I narrow them down to the best and begin post production. This process can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks, depending on the busy-ness of the season. While I know it is difficult to wait, all work is performed in order of service. I ask that you trust my reassurance that I will be in touch with you as soon as the images are ready to view. Like you, I am really excited to share your photos!