Welcome to the new site!

Yay! After months of organizing, re-branding and re-doing, the new site and brand are finally done! 

CareyShaw_BusinessCard_R1 26.jpg

Many, many thanks to the talented Danielle Tuchelt for the new "look" of my business. It really has refreshed my desire to shoot what I love, and make it an awesome experience my clients. The new promos and business cards she has created are on their way! I will be blogging those soon. (Wedding clients - there is some damn fine looking mail coming your way!)

A few of the new changes:

> New images. Bigger images. Especially on the blog, all the upcoming posts will be much cleaner (and prettier).

> A different kind of About page. I always ask my clients a lot about themselves, to help make the shoot more personal. And with wedding clients, we spend a lot of time together. Hiring me, is (I hope) a little like saying "we like you, we DO want you to take our picture". So I am showing a little of myself. The things I like, who I am. A little give and take. 

The Local portfolio. When analyzing my business, and the things I love to shoot, I realized that it is the people. And the people who run the small business, the artists, actors, etc. Since I do run my own business, and have previously worked in the arts and non-profit industry for a few years, I get it. I get what it's like to work your ass off for what you love. And I want to work with those businesses. I want to support them. I have photographed quite a few already, but I hope to be showing a lot more this coming year.

> And for my Wedding and Lifestyle clients, I made your life a bit easier and the earth a bit greener, with many different on-line forms and initial brochures.

So have look around, hope you enjoy it!