A year or so ago, I took a long look at the process I was using to edit photos. I felt that my style was veering too far off what I wanted it to be. It is so easy to look at work that you admire and subconsciously start working that way. Never a good thing. With my own work, I wanted to strip away all the crap and trends, and refocus on just a good old photograph (notice my pun there, ya, I am hilarious). Refocus on how I first learned to take a photograph, and my own personal style.

I miss working in the colour darkroom. Hours and hours spent for just one image. The process of color, meticulous. And the range from films - what the actions now try to do. There was something so special about that final print, so much work was put into just one print. Everything has changed so much. But, I don't work in the darkroom anymore. I stare at a screen. I don't know of any traditional color labs where I live, and honestly, I don't know if I could afford the process and time anymore. 

When VSCO came out, and after I read about the work that they did to create it, I was in love. Exactly what I was looking for. The tests they did are similar to what I had to do in school for film tests, which I thought deserved a high five. Not only does it free up my workflow, but I feel as though it is closest to film that I have seen, and I am working from my RAW files. Perfect for creating a type of mood for your photograph, without overdoing it. It is the only thing I use now. Try it if you haven't. It is worth it if you are looking for the same sort of thing.

And you know, of course there is an app, VSCOcam. Lot's to play with, read and look at. It's kind of awesome.

You can find me on VSCO Grid here