Set 1: Carey Shaw x Queen V

There is no beauty without some strangeness. - Poe

I have been working with Fallon and Queen V Fashion House since they first opened, always trying to create images to compliment her gorgeous shop and brand. We often brainstorm different ideas and projects, that we can each bring our own style into, and push ourselves creatively. And that is how this project happened. A collaboration of art and fashion.

Wanting to collaborate on something a bit more fun, off-beat, beautiful and a little strange, we will be creating a series of wallpapers for your i-devices. And to share them for free. (Free!!!) Always switching it up, but keeping it beautiful. I mean, we stare at the things all day, they might as well look great!

You can download our first FREE screensaver / wallpaper below. Just click and save the image to your device.

+  for your iPhone 4

+  for your iPhone 5

+  for your iPad


Carey x Fallon