LOCAL: Magpies Kitchen

 I first tried a cake from Magpies Kitchen a few months back, at a local arts event. I was instantly obsessed. Pretty sure I told everyone that week about the cake.  I stopped in one day to order a cake for a friend's birthday, and met Shannon, one of the owners. About an hour later, and after a lovely conversation about cake, Regina, photography, art school, common friends and small businesses, I fell in love with this little shop.  I left knowing it was going to be one delicious cake. It was. And I knew I wanted to take photos of this jem of a coffee shop and eatery.

Stop in if you haven't all ready. If there are bean hummus wraps on the menu, pick one up. You can thank me next time you see me.

The lovely Sharon and Shannon - thank you for letting me take over your shop for the morning!