On June 3, 2013

On June 3, 2013 we celebrated the life of my Mom, Patricia Anne Shaw. Three years ago we thought she had beat breast cancer, and then just two short months ago we found out we were wrong. The cancer had spread without anyone knowing. I am not going to get sappy, my Mom hated sappy. And I am not going to share photos of those last few months. I didn't take any. I spent my time visiting and remembering, instead of picking up a camera.

After her Celebration, I drove to the lake. Something my Mom would have loved. So many of my memories are of summers at the lake, the clear night skies, cabin lights contrasting with outside, the fresh, fresh air and the ease of being away from it all. 

These are some of the images I took to remember that day. 


Thank you to my friends who have had my family in their thoughts, and my clients who have been patient with my correspondence and reschedules.