Girls on Film

I have been carrying around an old Konica 35mm point and shoot. For no other reason than to shoot some snaps with something other than my iPhone. I don't think I have ever used this camera before. Don't even know where I picked it up from. It has four settings - the trusty "one person", "two people", "a bunch of people" and "a mountain". Since I am living in Saskatchewan, I will stick with the people. But the first roll has taught me two things, the portrait setting has a very shallow depth of field and the highest I can set it at is 400 which is really going to suck ass for me. But, eh, works for me. Back to the bag it goes.

The pics: Nicolle and Ali at an impromtu Bored Meeting (coffee dates with a shout out to the old Regina Five meetings) and the sun coming through my window and bouncing off a sequin cardigan which I caught after a long day of shooting. All good sights.