Life according to Instagram. Vol 2.

I am going to try a little something here for 2012. I am always taking photos of what I am working on, being involved in, and just general day to day. So every few months I will do a post on what's been happening and the projects I have on the go. My version of behind the scenes. February till now (January was all about California)...

2012 b1 careyshaw 1.jpg

1. Been busy working on Not Nowhere which will be launching early May. Working with the amazingly lovely and talented Daniele Tuchelt (check out her new site!). We will be having a little paaartay to launch, think Instagram scavenger hunt. To be notified when we launch, head over here.

2. A few different shoots have been going on in the studio. Some, keeping it pure and simple, others, filling it with glittery hearts. Always a good time. The finished images will be up on the blog soon!

3. I have been working on The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition. It has been great to work on something tactile again, and thinking creatively in a different way. And I love glue sticks.

4. In January I headed up to Saskatoon to photograph and spend the day with illustrator Ashley Spires for Quill and Quire magazine. Amazing artist, and style to boot! I had to plan the shoot while in an airport terminal, and since it was not in my hometown, I was frantically trying to figure out a location. Ended up finding an amazing studio, which happened to be run by an old ACAD classmate. Need of a studio in Saskatoon, check out Sevenstar Studio. Thanks again Daniel!

2012 b1 careyshaw 2.jpg

A whole lot of white paint on white walls going on. White, white, and more white. I may go nutty one day and paint it with polka dots. Teal and purple pastel.

5. Went and checked out March's Think and Drink at the Creative City Center with Chad Geran. Great talk. Great guy. We at Not Nowhere love Chad and his work, and we were lucky enough to have him as our first studio visit.

6. Nadia. Just a shot I like. It's my blog, I can post anything I want.

7. Viewed what is up at the MacKenzie Art Gallery. The Touristhas some of Rodney Graham's large pinhole photographs displayed. Check them out if you can.

2012 b1 careyshaw 3.jpg

8. I dug up and dusted off the old Mamyia. I have been thinking of shooting with it, but I never do. But pulling it out, looking down into the screen, I am hooked again. So weird, but I actually miss looking down into a camera. I would love to get back into a color lab to print, but I know of none that still exist in Regina. If anyone does, leave a comment, let me know. Unless it is in some creepy basement room. I'll pass.

9. The catalog for the exhibition Joan Scaglione: Ribs of Sky, Ribs of Stone that I did the photos for is finally done! Woooohoooo! Happy dance! Timothy, Joan and Rio Saxon, you're awesome. A very different approach to the traditional exhibition catalog. They can be found in the Gallery Shop.

10. Last weekend the studio was packed with beautiful ladies. I was shooting an upcoming campaign for Nico. Inspired by the store, it was all about light, airy and soft. And a whole lot of white and twig-things. Thanks to Blush Beauty Bar and Perimeters for making everyone one look extra kick ass. You will see them around town soon.

11. It's spring! It's spring! Thank heavens.

Till April. Later skaters. xo 

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