Year One

A year ago yesterday, we were celebrating at the studio my decision to bite the bullet, quit my safety net job, and just go for it. Full time photographer. Although I had been shooting professionally part time for years, it was a scary decision to go all in. After all, I have two bunnies to feed and a online shopping issue that will never be resolved.

But it has worked out. And it has been a good year. 

A few things I learned:

Never pack your camera bag in a hurry.

Don't work in your pj's for more than 2 days straight.

Carpal tunnel sucks. A lot.

Always keep learning.

Work with great people. It is your choice.

And most importantly, be nice.

Thank you to all the clients and friends, those that inspire me and make me want to do better, and to all those that didn't hang up on me when I started the conversation with "I have a question for you", "AARRGH!" or "No, sorry I can't have a social life, I work 24/7, but I promise I am working on it".

year one carey shaw.jpg