Jaime, Ben + Morgan

Jaime and I first met when we were about 5 years old.  And since then we have dressed up like Madonna together, fell in love with the Corey's (Corey Haim, you're still my hero), managed to still be friends when she obsessed over NKOTB and I over the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and countless more escapades that are probably only funny to us.  And now, many years later, we still find time to catch up over some Starbucks. 

Over Christmas, Jaime asked me to take some shots of her family.  And about the same time, I was thinking about somehow donating my time to a Breast Cancer foundation.  And then it all came together.  Since the bitch of cancer affected both of our families, I knew she was game.  So I booked two sessions (the other coming to the blog soon), and donated all the money to a local organization, Breast Cancer Action Saskatchewan

It was an awesome afternoon.  We pretty much just hung out in her brothers design studio and did our stuff.  You can check out more of the photos here.

Thanks again, to all three of you.  Much love.

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