The Studio

A quiet Sunday at the studio finally gave me some time to take some snaps of the new studio. The studio (my studio mate is Jared Carlson, a local graphic designer) we have not named yet, so for now, it is just The Studio. We are still missing a few tidbits such as signage and so on but this is where we like to play and work...

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (0).jpg
careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (1).jpg
careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (2).jpg

The seamless/cyc wall/cove, whatever you want to call it. With all the natural light which I use a lot in shooting, it is perfect for me. And sometimes we project these videos on it and it turns into an impromptu dance floor.

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (3).jpg

If you come visit me for a coffee, this is where we will be hanging out. 

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (4).jpg

Some of my images from a series of one beautiful eclectic house. 

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (5).jpg

Jared re-designed this table. That Jared, so handy.  

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (5.1).jpg

Left: a few of the photo books I have made and just some research books. Right: my lovely Cathy Terepocki of Horn of Plenty mug. 

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (6).jpg

Kind of always had a fascination with wood. 

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (8).jpg
careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (8.1).jpg

My little work space and some of the things I like to look at when working. We have some tunes from The Flashdance, a vintage photo booth post card I received from my friends Jeff and Marta of Wilkosz and Way a few years back (and I think I will always have it), one of my favourite illustrations by Yoshitomo Nara, and a print of lawn chairs by Aimee Van Drimmelen. The framed piece is by Alicia Bock, I love her work and this image is perfect for cold Saskatchewan winters.

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (10).jpg

Left + Below: some of the little tidbits I use for the Lifestyle Session final packages. Right: Best lamp ever!

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (10.1)
careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (10.2)
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careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (9).jpg

Far left is my little gem of a purchase from Loyal Loot. Right: I guess what one would call our kitchen.

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (11).jpg

I recycled my Lola's Room calendar to fill the wall. I kind of like how it turned out. 

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (12).jpg

Jared's library of all things design related. 

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (14).jpg

Left: Our 'dark studio'/home for all our light stands/old ladder/coat rack. Right: Jared's Grandmother's vintage baking kitchen. You can see some horns poking out behind, which is one of Jared's sculptures.

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (14.1).jpg

Old cameras. And one of Heather McNabb's buffalo head, headphone wearing prints is behind. 

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (14.2).jpg

In the cabinet we have a print from Michelle Brownridge of Articulate Ink. It's of a motor home. I had to buy it. And my favourite photo ever, my Grandma and Grandpa in the most loveliest embrace.

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (15).jpg

A few of Jared's pieces and the blue door! 

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (16).jpg

What I like to call the 'rec room'. I guess it's only missing wood panelling walls. It is pretty much for hanging out and playing. In the spring it will become a gallery space. 

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (16.1).jpg

Battleship and Bieber! 

careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (17).jpg
careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (18).jpg
careyshaw_reginaphotographer_studio (23).jpg

Our view from up above Scarth St. And there you have it! Come visit!