My life according to Instagram.

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A few little changes and updates in the life of me:

1. I am officially a full time freelance photographer! I sadly left my position at the MacKenzie Art Gallery to take on photography full tilt. Scary but so exciting. Have camera, will travel.

2. New studio! Woohoo! My studio mate (Jared Carlson) and I have been busy with painting, new furniture, art hanging, and the whole shebang. Soon it will be all done, can't wait. Although, it is causing me to slowly go broke - "This lamp is $100? But is has a deer on it. Yes, I will buy it." Better pictures of the sudio coming soon.

3. The past few months have been a busy few with a lot of shooting, from weddings, engagements, editorial, commercial and art performances. I have amazing clients. I really do.

4. A new project in the works with graphic designer and fellow ACAD'r Danielle Tuchelt. Still ironing out a few things, but think design/photography/ creatives/projects/resources/cahoots. Hoping to fill a void (and finding reasons for us all to get together for a few bevies) for all the visual communication artists in Saskatchewan.

5. I got two new pair of glasses.

6. I am being Tina Turner for Halloween. Can't frick'n wait! With Halloween and the MacKenzie Gala Art Auction's theme of hard rock/heavy metal, I am very happy that October is providing me with opportunities to wear all my sparkly and leopard print clothing.

I think that is all for now. Stay tuned.

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