I have to talk about The Passion Project.

I just came home from watching The Passion Project, directed by New Yorker's Reid Farrington and performed by Laura K. Nicoll. And I can't stop thinking about it.

If you are interested in photography, film, projection or performance art, you MUST see this performance. I usually don't get emotional when it comes to art (only once did I get a little verklempt when I was able to stand in front of a Nan Goldin photograph, but come on, it was Nan Goldin!). But today, I cried twice watching this performance. It isn't necessarily sad, I think I was overcome with the technical and visual achievements Reid and Laura have created. And when I hugged Laura after the performance, again with the verklempt-ness.

Regina is so lucky to have this performance here, and with Curtain Razors for bringing them to Regina.

There are two more performance, check it out if you can. I am photographing the performance tomorrow. Love my job.