little people + balloons + kitties

Thanks to my lovely assistant Jen, I have new images on my website!  Finally.  And to start, we have some of my favourite little people.

I was asked to come and photograph Brin's first birthday a while back.  I photographed Brin, before Brin was Brin and when Brin was little itty bitty.  So of course I wanted to be there for his first birthday!  Such a little guy and so adorable!  And his lovely.

And then 'Auntie Carey' (swoon) photographed a good friend of mine and her gorgeous family.  Their house is amazing and I am always snapping away while I am there. Noa is always the perfect little model for me, especially when a balloon or a princess dress are involved.  I photographed them last year out in the valley and look forward to next year's shoot. 

Noa...the cats...oh, she cracks me up.  Love.

You can check out more of both of the shoots HERE.

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kids collage.jpg