Unravelling So I have started to take a creative photography/writing course.  Click the little image to find out more about it.  I took the course, pretty much for myself.  Just me.  And with 160 other Unravellers from all across the world, I am excited to meet some new people and hopefully look at things differently that what I am used to.  And with summer being so busy with client work, it will be nice to just forget about trying to take the 'perfect' picture, but let myself screw up and try different ways of using my camera.

I used to use a lot of text with my photographs back in the day, but I haven't for quite some time.  So the writing aspect really appealed to me.  I don't know what I will learn from each of the assignments, but I hope to just be inspired and encouraged to create. 

I am not sure how much of it I will share on this blog.  Probably not a lot, might just end up being a personal project, just shared with the other Unravellers.  Perhaps just a picture here and there.  But the fact that I am going to force myself to carry my trusty G11 around everyday for the next 8 weeks, will probably have me shooting a lot more creatives (which kind of makes me do a little happy dance).

Wish me luck!