just over half a tank of gas.

This weekend I am shooting a wedding in Welwyn, SK.  Welwyn is next door neighbours to Moosomin and Manitoba.  You could probably walk to Manitoba from the Welwyn church.  So yesterday I drove.  I drove all day.  Sometimes because I saw something cool, a lot of the time because I took the wrong turn.  And after all the driving, I watched about 5 episodes of Criminal Minds and played with my cameras.

A few things I concluded while on my mini road trip by myself:

I will sing as loud as I possibly can to American Boy by Estelle and Kanye West.  Over and over again.

I also listened to a lot of Guns n Roses, Camera Obscura,  Aerosmith, and Rah Rah.  Conclusion:  I have a schizophrenic personal taste in music.

My Polaroid camera needs batteries.  I think.  Note to self: must buy batteries.

The road to Moosomin Beach is awful.  If you drive too fast, you may loose a tire or flip your car.

If a whole cattle of cows are waiting nice to get their picture taken by you, and then 2 bulls come up across the path, the cattle of cows will be no longer.   Obviously these bulls did something to piss off the cows.

I have 3 different Canon's I use. 3 different kinds batteries, 3 different kinds memory cards.  Conclusion: that is stupid.

Everyone's doppelganger lives in Moosomin.  I thought I saw my ex, but with a big moustache.  Conclusion:  a lot of people have moustaches in Moosomin.

I am the only woman staying at my Motel.  I arrived and I was the only person here.  By night it was filled with trucks.  By morning, I am the only person here again. 

I am very grateful that Starbucks made it possible for me to be drinking an Iced Coffee right now, in my motel, in Moosomin.  It would go well with a cinnamon bun.  Conclusion:  I am going to go eat a cinnamon bun.  Right now.