ARTAK 2 Kotodama
an exhibition of painting

Opening Reception - July 7
Art + Music performance by the Dudes from Japan

No cover - 7 pm

Eight Track Galley (at the Exchange)
2431 8th Avenue, Regina

In 2009, Takashi Hara had a guerrilla live art performance as DJ1.
DJ is his art performance group, which stands for Dudes from Japan, who will be performing again for the opening reception.

ARTAK is Takashi Hara's solo exhibit series. His paintings and sculptures are inspired by own life experiences, created using the street culture and Japanese art mediums, such as Japanimation and calligraphy. He finds the basketball street culture to be vibrant and energetic, seeing inspirations in street graffiti and sneakers. For Takashi, street graffiti is a form of calligraphy, in which words are used to create art, to convey a message, and yet the words are carefully created. Sneakers are an integral part of basketball street culture, that conveys a person’s personality.