new(ish) work...

I have slowly but surely been updating the website with work I have done in the past....oh...6 months. 

In the Client section, there are some new editorials for West Magazine and Country Guide Magazine.  In there you can also check out a recent campaign I did for the Globe Theatre (left images) here in Regina.  One is a series of portraits of young artists for their Reading Series, and the other was for their theatre school.  The direction for the shoots were created by the lovely creatives working at the Globe Theatre, including Fallon Maz, who was the brain child of the visual ideas.  It was so great to work with them all....yay for creative minds!

More new work coming soon(ish)....

globe 1 collage.jpg
globe 2 collage.jpg
globe 3 collage.jpg
globe 4 collage.jpg