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Toronto.  What to say about Toronto....

- The cab drivers drive so crazy, I felt like throwing up 3 times.

- The Drake Hotel was better than I had expected.  Perfect.

- I saw A LOT of art.  There will be a whole other blog post just about that.

- There were a lot of "Shaw" things.  Which made me happy.  And a MacKenzie street.

- Kelly and I some how managed to get put on first class on the train to Toronto. 

- There was a whole installation/storefront advertising the new Nightmare on Elm St. movie.  Weird.

- Ate at the Frank restaurant. I drank a "Frankly My Dear".   Frank Gehry, you're my hero.

- Went to the Drake Wedding Show.  Pretended Kelly was getting married.  Ate treats from the Mad Hadder theme tea party.  Dressed up for the Smilebooth.  Giggled lots.

- Someone (who I thought might stab me to death) told me I was 'solid'.

- Exhausted ourselves with walking/shopping/art.

- Rubbed my feet. Zonked out.