The men are a whistling

montreal collage.jpg

So I am finally here.  And damn, is it beautiful. 

Yesterday started with a cafe au lait (full fat of course, I think I might be shunned if I ask for soy), a yummy brunch with Kelly's friends, 5 hours of walking/touring/shopping, and we ended with a drink with Kelly's lovely bro and girlfriend.  After that, our feet were swollen and our minds were dead.  But it was a lovely first day in this gorgeous city. 

Kelly's place is pretty much in the middle of everything, which is fantastic (although I am sure I will get lost a few times).  The pictures here are the back street and yard of her apartment.  A perfect place to enjoy my full fat latte and listen to construction men whistle tunes.

And now I am off for my first wander by myself.  Urban Outfitters will be my point of reference.

Be back revoir!