Melville to Montreal

train collage.jpg

A 60 hour train ride summarized...

- I amazed myself how long I can stare out a window and not get bored.

- A woman in Winnipeg stared at me at told me (yelled at me) that the crustaceans were coming to take over the world.  Who knew!

- Ron and Marilyn, who I had lunch with on the train, were very lovely.  Marilyn should be a tour guide.

- A woman on my train was driving the train attendants nuts.  Although hilarious, she claimed that she owned VIA rail, and was paying their wages.  Aside from a surplus of odd comments, she wanted them to open her window.  Ummm...lady, we are on a train.  It is best not to open a window.

- People from New Zealand (particularily the ones sitting in front of me) get really excited to see bears.  Perhaps because I have watched bears eat through the garbage in a campground, I was not excited.

- I realized I am an idiot, and should have brought movies to watch on my laptop.  Lesson learned.

- I only listened to about 5 songs and read about 3 chapters in my book.  See point one.

- At about hour 52, I cursed myself for not flying.

- Ontario is very gorgeous to wake up to.

- When Kelly and Carey see each other after 2 years, there is much squealing to be had.

- I could go on and on....