The Adventures of Vlad + Stanley

Today I leave on the train.  The train to Montreal.  Melville to Montreal.  A trip two years in the making...and I can't quite believe it is actually happening.  I am going to visit my dear friend Kelly (aka Stanley.  Or maybe it is Vlad. I can never get it straight). 

The reason for Vlad and Stanley...well, one day a few years back, we were sitting in the little stuffy office where we both worked. To pass the time, we pretended we were charismatic Russian characters who were trying to make the world known of their chicness, while getting their glamour shots taken at a Sears portrait studio. Thus the beginning of Vlad and Stanley.  

Then one of us moved away, one of us took too many contract positions, and we haven't seen each other in too long. So a few years later, and a few days on the train, Vlad and Stanley finally get to partake in some shenanigans.  And I couldn't be happier about it!

Stay tuned for what transpires...4 days on the train, 10 in Montreal, 3 in Toronto, plenty of gallery visits, Contact Photography Festival and few memory cards full of pictures.