Miss Match: Joy

During the past week, I have been working with Allieart from Alabama who was my partner for week two of Miss Match. 

Our theme was joy, which oddly enough, I found a bit difficult to shoot.  Not that I am not joyous, it just really made me think of what does bring me joy.  And pretty much, right now...thinking of summer and my trip to Montreal is keeping me sane and 'joyous'. 

These are a few of the pics that I created to share with Allie.  I love how our final pairing turned out, and I love how they seem to work so well together.  You can check it out HERE

And if you head over to Miss Match you can check out what everone else has been creating.  Pretty great images!

My next theme is 'reflect' with Serinissima from Australia.  Wish me luck!