Last chance to go check out TRUE COLORS at the Eight Track Gallery over at the Cultural Exchange in Regina...show closes Friday, March 26th.


TRUE COLOURS:  "We could show you who we are by painting what you see when you look at us—the way each of us styles our hair, how each of us dresses, or our individual skin colour. Instead we choose to show you who we are on the inside—not our bones, tissue or veins, but by showing you who each of us really is at the core."


Amanda Scandrett
Curator - Ranch Ehrlo Artist-in-Residence


The Eight-Track: located in Regina at the corner of 8th Ave. and the railroad tracks, is housed within the Club Venue of the Cultural Exchange. It is an artist-led gallery committed to nurturing emerging contemporary visual art and its artists. Curatorial decisions are framed by an artistic direction that supports presentation of work by artists, in a non-institutional space to encourage and support a wide range of artists’ projects. The Eight Track will focus on support of emerging artists and the dissemination of their work.

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