Sâkêwêwak Storytellers Festival

For the past few nights I have been photographing the Sâkêwêwak Storytellers Festival.  Each evening has been amazing, with some outstanding artists/perfomers showing off their good stuff.  Be sure to check out the remaining performances if you can. 

Friday March 12 – 8:00 pm
Regina Performing Arts Centre, 1077 Angus Street
Urban Poetz: Aboriginal hip-hop showcase featuring some of the nation’s most talented spoken word and hip-hop artists. Featuring emerging artists Misty Blue and Shady Shanelle Laplante (aka Wolfchild), Regina-based InfoRed and special guests Kray<Z>Kree featuring Curt Young.

Saturday March 13 – 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Regina Performing Arts Centre, 1077 Angus Street
Customary & Traditional Knowledge Forum: Featuring guest speakers & storytellers Keith Goulet, Barry Ahenakew, Violet Naytowhow, Annie Brass, Calvin McArthur and Kevin Tacan. Lunch and refreshments provided.

ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: First held in 2001 as the Distinguished Storytellers Series, the festival has evolved into an annual multidisciplinary festival that presents a diverse array of renowned storytellers, artists, and academics from around the world, who engage our audiences in contemporary cultural expression, thought and dialogue derived from our oral traditions

ABOUT SAKEWEWAK: We are southeastern Saskatchewan's hub for contemporary Aboriginal art production, presentation and education. Located in the city of Regina, our mandate is to ensure that Aboriginal artists within Regina and surrounding areas are consistently provided with the space and environment that allows them to develop their self-determined artistic practices through critical exchange with their peers and audiences.