WHO: Nicolle Nugent, Museum Educator. CLOTHES: Anthropologie wrap sweater, gift; Urban Outfitter jeans, $60 (Vancouver). ACCESSORIES: Gold leaf and pearl drop earrings, gift (bought from Etsy seller 'craftsyuri'), Van Gogh inspired tattoo in memory of her sister. HAIR: Robert at Afterglow (2124B Robinson St ).


Passionate about the arts, including visual, poetry, film and literature, this stylish mom has a few exciting trips lined up for this year. For work, she will be heading to Chicago for the first time. As an executive on the CAGE (Canadian Art Gallery Educators) committee, she will be busy with the development of the conference, but hopes to sneak in just a little bit of Chicago's amazing shopping. But in just a few weeks you will find her laying on the sands of Mexico, chilling with her husband and enjoying the sun and a few beach worthy novels.


What store are you most excited to go to in Chicago?  I am hoping to find an Anthropologie. I haven't done my research yet, but that is at the top of my list. I am hoping to find some local Chicago designers as well.


What does style mean to you?  It has changed over the years. I was brutally reminded by looking at some photographs of me as a teenager, wearing a double breasted suit and big glasses. I definitely think I have come along way. The most important aspect of style is knowing yourself. Right now, for me as a mom, wife and someone who works full time, it is important for me to feel comfortable and have my own personal style, because that is something for 'me'. I also force myself to experiment with style once in a while too.


What is something you haven't had the guts to experiment with?  It might be dated now, but I have always wanted to try leggings, a short tunic and boots. I just haven't had the guts to do the leggings with something shorter. And I always admire someone who can pull of a really good hat.


What in your closet most represents you?  My Oilily scarves. That is probably my favourite store. I wear scarves all the time, so that would probably be my 'me' piece. I just heard that they will be closing a few stores, so they will be harder to find. I might just have to travel to Amsterdam.....


If you were given $50 to buy something new, what would it be?  I would probably put it towards buying a new pair of jeans. Being 5”11 and ¾, it has always been difficult to find jeans that fit and feel good. My closet has always been short on jeans, pardon the pun.


What do you listen to when you are getting ready for a night out?  I listen to Juliana Hatfield and the Kooks. And a little bit of Pearl Jam. I am kind of stuck in the 90's, but I still appreciate all the new stuff they are putting out. Reality Bites pretty much sums up my music likes.