your holiday shopping list

I have been terribly bad with my blog posts lately.  I am trying to get a whole bunch of client work done so I can take some time off during the holidays.  All I have been doing is working, online Christmas shopping and napping.  So, I have decided to share some finds while my oven heats up my dinner.  If you have an art lover on your list, here is some affordable art from some amazing artists:

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose - I have a sheep and deer photograph and they make me happy every day.  Kids would love them.

The Suitcase - for all collage and design lovers.  Hopefully one day on my wall.

Jenn Ski - an artist and illustrator with a passion for modern and mid-20th century art and design.

Erin Tyner Photography - miniature and dioramas...too awesome.

Restless Things - small drawings from reclaimed paper.  They are beautiful.

The Poster List - everybody loves a good poster.  Duh.

Society 6/Urban Outfitters Print Shop - probably the coolest laptop skins I have found. 

Blik - I thought wall decals were lame, until I found this site.

Poppytalk - a smorgasbord of all things awesome.

Art and Philanthropy - art for the wee ones.

Sarah & Bendrix - for someone who makes you all warm inside.

Yvette Inufio Photography - soft, vintage and lovely photography.

ValeriaH Photography - I have blogged her work before...I adore her photography.  Perhaps a Christmas present to myself this year.

Frances Seward Photography - for the abstract minimialst.

Lola's Room - I bought the office 2011 calendar from here.  For the vintage camera lovers.

Alica Bock Photography - I have bought images for gifts and for myself, and I will continue to buy her work until I am broke.

Ok, that's all for now.  Happy shopping!