WHO: Jaime Carlson, a non-practicing Lawyer. WHERE: Out for coffee/book perusing. CLOTHES: Jeans, $40, Bluenotes (Cornwall Centre); green shirt, $30, Smart Set (Cornwall Centre). SHOES: Fluevog boots, $130, Toronto. ACCESSORIES: Hat, gift; Fossil watch, gift; necklace, $20, Pixiewinkle; earrings, gift, Winnipeg Farmers Market; rings, Elite Goldsmith and Birks. HAIR: Christine at Myst Salon and Spa.


Happily married to a local musician, much of Jaime's time is taken up by her two year old son, family life and work life. A graduate of the University of Toronto, Jaime now works for Ombudsmen Saskatchewan, where she does the systemic investigations. She does a lot of research and writing, constant learning, working on different thing, and encouraging government agencies to act more fairly. A job Jaime says is ideal for her. But aside from her busy life, she always manages to don the perfect hat.


Since we are in a bookstore, favorite author?  Margaret Lawrence. I am a big fan of Canadian Literature. I also really like Douglas Coupland. He may not be the most literary author I have ever read. But he is the master of pop culture, and that is what I love about him.


Who do you think is one of the most stylish characters you have come across?  One of my favorite characters from a movie is Amelie. She has this fantastic wardrobe of cute little skirts and jackets. Although, there is no way that a working waitress in Paris could afford that wardrobe! Maybe she inherited a lot of money after the Quebec tourist fell on her mother.


Who was one of the first artist you came across, where you thought, “I want to look like them”?  Cyndi Lauper. Absolutely. I remember the early 80's, and Madonna was really big too, but I never really had that same kind of “I want to be her”, as I did with Cyndi Lauper. She seemed so independent, fun and spunky.


Being a child of the 80's, how has your style changed over the years?  I have had a lot of bad fashion statements over the years. Historically, I have always tried to be different. So I would go WAY outside the box to be different. I remember being 12 years old, and the item of clothing I wanted most in the world was a fuschia tuxedo jacket with tails. I am actually grateful I never got it. But the advantage to that, in the end what it comes down to, in my opinion, is attitude. Your confidence makes you look good.


What do you think pulls an outfit together?  Aside from confidence, definitely shoes.


Your favorite hat?  Right now, a little green hat from the Sisters Boutique in Montmarte. They have some really great hats.


Interview and photography by Carey Shaw for prairie dog