WHO: Nadia Williamson, NWL dress shop owner WHERE: The soon-to-be new NWL store location CLOTHES: Tuzzi black and white striped cardigan, Hall & Rae (1842 Hamilton St.); black wool Periphery trousers, Hall & Rae; polka dot Teenflo blouse, Havik (1775 Scarth St.) ACCESSORIES: Gold hoop earrings, gift from boyfriend Greg, Birks (Cornwall Centre). SHOES: Black SAS leather loafers, Loggies (1843 Hamilton St.). HAIR: Sterling, Salon Snax (1861 Scarth St).


Just a few wee hours before the interview and shoot, Nadia was running the Queen City half marathon, in preparation for an upcoming marathon in support of the Arthritis Society. A task only few can check off their to-do list, Nadia has managed to fit her training into her busy schedule while heading up the modern NWL dress shop. When she isn't dressing the women of Regina in the perfect dress, she is planning the opening of her store at a new location in the upcoming months, hanging out with her grandparents every second day and day dreaming about a future trip to India.


As a fashion design graduate, what would you say is something that a woman should experiment with wearing? I would say red. I know not everyone can wear red, but I love it! Even red accessories. While working in film, directors would describe a scene and that the woman should look sexy, they would always say “we need to put her in a red dress.” It isn't that I care what men think women should wear, but people love someone in red.


What is your own personal style?  My style is like my grandma. Classic. I probably dress older than I should. I do like when things are a bit ill fitting and doesn't fit completely perfect. Kind of just like throwing something on.


Has there been anyone come into your store, whose style has really stood out to you?  Actually there was a group of people that came in that were more 'edgy'. They were so confident and had their own style, that I was kind of enamored with them. They were so confident and kind, it was fascinating.


With fall and winter approaching, is there anything you are excited to pull out of your closet?  I love fall and I adore trousers. That is what I wear, I don't even really wear jeans.


Do you wear a lot of clothes from your store?  Recently, I have been a lot. We got this ready-to-wear line in from Joseph Ribkoff, which is a Canadian line. We are carrying their dresses right now, and I have been buying those.


Is there any event that you would love to dress someone for?  Any think that is 'pink', like the local Power of Pink event. I really like pink and 'girly' dresses.


Interview and photography by Carey Shaw for prairie dog