WHO: Ernie Malbeuf, third year Fine Arts student at U of R and Baby the cat. WHERE: The bedroom where posters go to die. CLOTHES: Abigail Williams t-shirt, $20, bought at concert (The Exchange); black jeans, $20, Bluenotes (Northgate Mall). ACCESSORIES: Purple and black belt, $20, at the Ex to replace last years belt from the Ex; Batman belt buckle, gift in Grade 12 from girlfriend. HAIR: Himself.


Walls plastered with posters and images, creating art on his own free will, and a quiet demeanor, Ernie has the makings of a future 'it' artist. But in the mean time, you can find him hanging out at work where his days pass by easily thanks to co-workers who make weird sounds, hanging out with Baby playing video games, creating sculptures in the garage, or checking out a concert. All in all, Ernie definitely gets a passing grade.


What would you call your style?  I don't know. I guess some people would call me “Emo”. Because I wear black all the time and skinnier jeans. But I like to wear sweats too. I just go with whatever I like. I wouldn't call it a style or anything, it is just me.


Are you excited to go back to school?  I would say so. I have more art classes than science-y and english-y type classes. I am excited about that. Lately I have been interested in sculpture.


What types of material are you into using?  With welding and cement. Lately, in my garage, I have been building stuff with random material. Whatever I find, I use it. I have been taking a lot of Styrofoam from work. Every time we get fridges, we get these weird shaped Styrofoam.


When did you start postering your walls?  When we first moved in here two years ago. And then I just recently put up new posters from some Heavy Metal magazines. There is one drawing that is a collaboration of when I was really bored in first and second year classes. On the side of the notes, when he wasn't telling us anything important, I would be doodling stuff.


Do you have anything that inspires you?  I would say my sister. She inspires me to stay in school. She did it and now has her Masters. And now she is this big Masters Degree person.


How did you end up with a bed that takes up your whole room?  I got this on a super big discount, because I work at Sears Outlet Store. And the Assistant Store Manager is really nice and I guess I am on his good side. It fits me because I am tall.


And the most important question, what is your favourite kind of Popsicle?  (With no hesitation) Orange.


Interview and photography by Carey Shaw for prairie dog

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