Congrats to Karen Konzuk for becoming Western Living's Fashion + Jewelry Designer of the Year

When I was living in Calgary, I was fortunate enough to photograph some of Karen's work (I shutter to think of what the images looked like!  I was just a baby!).  And from the shoot, I was even more fortunate to receive a pair of her earrings, necklace and ring.  I love it all, and to this day, the ring is one of my favourite possessions.  Every time I wear it, someone compliments me on it, with my reply of "one day, if I ever get engaged, I will just give him this ring to put a rock in it, and then he can give it back". 

And I still think that.

So congrats to Karen and everything she has accomplished over the years.  And if you are ever in need of some beautiful wearable art...check out Konzuk.