Kelley Jo + Michele

WHO: Michele Sereda, Curtain Razors Artistic Director and Kelley Jo Burke, Play-write and Performer for Special. WHERE: Kiwanis Park.


Michele Sereda CLOTHES: White Lynn Cantin Dress, $50, Winners. ACCESSORIES: Blue scarf, gift; Gail Dagget earrings, gift, Mysteria (2706 13th Ave.); Megan Broner ring. SHOES: Camper sandles, London West End Campers Store. HAIR: Haley at the Room  (2115 Retallack Street).


Kelley Jo Burke CLOTHES: Black dress, $30, Addition Elle. ACCESSORIES: Bracelet gift from Autism Resource Centre; pearl necklace, gift; pearl and sterling silver earrings, $9.75, Ebay; seal tattoo from Nathan at Rising Sun (1835 Albert St). SHOES: Silver Birkenstocks for $21 from a nice lady from Miami. HAIR: Deb at the Room.


In 1989, while studying at the university, the two became paired up for one of Kelley Jo's eduction studies, which was to tutor an adult. Kelley Jo taught Michele how to write, and Michele finished off the deal by asking her to write a piece of theatre that Michele wanted to take to the Fringe Festival. And there began Curtain Razors Theatre. Now, 20 years later, with Kelley Jo working at CBC and Michele working with her theatre company, the two have teamed up with Kelly Handerek and Jean Philippe Trepanier, and will be kicking off the Solo Performance Mix Tour of Special and Navigating, mid September. Two pieces that have, once again, brought the women together. And so another 20 years begins.


In the past 20 years of working in Regina's arts scene, have you seen many trends emerge?

Michele: People are trying to create new work, do new work, and are tying to find new ways to tell a story. With Curtain Razors, I have always tried to put two opposites in the same room. And when that works, we are playing with the way we tell the story or make the story. When we talk about multidisciplinary theatre work, it is mainstream now. What is 'shock' now, is honesty.


What are three things you think an actor would have in their bag at all times?

Michele and Kelley Jo: Water, highlighter and a script they want to do.

Michele: And some money to buy a drink.


OK, honestly, back in the 80's did you wear legwarmers?

Michele: I loved my legwarmers! In fact I used to wear mine up to my thigh.

Kelley Jo: Mine always fell down! But you should have seen Michele, with her sweaters and scarves and her hair with 15 different things shoved into it! Someone said “This is what a theatre student is supposed to look like” and Michele said “Well, I can do it times ten!”


Do you think the idea of artists wearing all black has gone by the wayside?

Kelley Jo: It better not. I can't afford to replace ¾ of my closet.


Interview and photography by Carey Shaw for prairie dog