Cal + Rothko

So I have decided I can't do a million things.  Hence the weekend cold and a whacked out neck.  I was originally posting all the City Life Editorials for Prairie Dog on my blog, but since I have been focusing on this blog...I am going to just post them there.  Hope you enjoy them!

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WHO: Cal Nugent, Social Worker with Ranch Ehrlo Society and Rothko, the dog. WHERE: One of his favorite places: his back yard with a John Nugent sculpture, Osteroid. CLOTHES: Navy blue zip up sweater, $100, French Connection (Montreal); button down shirt, $70, Mexx (Calgary); jeans, $60, Filene's Basement (New York) SHOES: Sandals, £65p , Birkenstocks (Heathrow Airport) ACCESSORIES: Scarf, $50, French Connection (Montreal); watch, $80, Diesel, Fossil Outlet (New York); wedding ring by John Nugent, priceless HAIR: Tara at Modern Men Salon (4-425 Victoria Ave E).


When asked about himself, the first thing Cal says is “Well, I love my family.” Him and his wife, Nicolle, have a 17th month old girl named Noa, which in Tahitian means beautiful. Next on his list of favorite things are fly fishing, judo, traveling, the outdoors, music concerts and checking out art with his wife, a strong common interest they both have. Cal finished his Masters of Social Work in Montreal two years ago, and now teaches at SIAST in the Child and Youth Care faculty. A busy man, but with enjoying so much in his life, a pretty happy guy.


Tell me about this lawn of yours. Ya, it is a hobby of mine. I love the outdoors, perennials, annuals and planting trees. I find it really relaxing. I try to equate it to work to Nicolle, but I think she is catching on that I actually enjoy it. I go out to my Grandpa's (John Nugent, nationally recognized Saskatchewan sculptor) a lot too, and take care of the lawn.


Are the sculptures you have your Grandfathers? The sculptures, as well as the studio, were gifted as a symbol of the relationship between myself, grandfather and grandmother. There are about 6 sculptures I have, a couple of his drawings, as well as a Ted Godwin painting. They were a big part of raising me. I love fly fishing because of him. I have all of his old gear. One of his gifts was an Orbus reel and rod that was given to him by the faculty at the U of R, and all of his maps of the fishing areas he has been to. Going out there is the best.


You aren't wearing one thing that is from Regina. What is one of your favorite things you have picked up in you travels? Nothing beats New York for shopping. Montreal is up there. But one of my favorite things would be a Spanish silver cross pendent that we found in a little town called Santiago de Compostela in Spain


What would be on your summer iPod mix? Old school would be U2 and Pearl Jam, and current would be Death Cab for Cutie and Alexisonfire. Radiohead is probably my favorite band. U2 will always be 'the best band in the world' but Radiohead is pretty close.


What song gets you going in the morning? When I was a kid, I used to listen to the Cult's Sonic Temple and any song off that album got me going.


Interview and photography by Carey Shaw for Prairie Dog.

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