WHO: Christine Bilinski, teacher and sexual health and wellness educator. WHERE: At home with her morning coffee. CLOTHES: Blue jeans by Paper Thin, $90, Jocks (Saskatoon); striped sweater, $60, World Of Trout (2323 11th Ave); tank top $40, Lululemon. ACCESSORIES: Hat, $20, Delux (University of Regina kiosk); moonstone ring, $25, vendor in Vancouver; handmade earrings, gift.


A proud resident of the Al Ritchie/Core area, Christine has been living in the neighbourhood since “before there were mufflers on the cars.” With her mom living down the street and her brother a block away, it’s the perfect place for Christine and her daughter to call home. Christine also recently finished school with a degree in education, which landed her a gig with the school board in the fall. In the meantime, she’s going to spend some quality time in her “club house”.


Tell me about this club house of yours.  It is my getaway. And also a place where I can start growing my plants and get a little bit of privacy from my small home.


Is sporting hats part of your daily style?  Definitely. I have no qualms about buying hats. There are never too many hats and I love them from all eras. I have one that’s going to be my funeral hat. [Hats] are just great because you can have a bad hair day. I have different hats for different seasons. This is probably one of my favourite hats. I get recognized too from the hats. I remember being at Home Depot once, and they said “The girl with the hat is looking for...”


How would you describe your style?  Functional. I also really like details, like applique. I love when fashion meets function. And Regina is getting so much better for shopping.


What about your home?  Someone recently described it as a quilt. Every room has a different style or story to it, kind of like a patchwork. I think it describes it well.


Is there a story behind the painting?  It is a Frida Kahlo print. It was imported from Mexico and is a present for my sister. But she has to come back to Saskatchewan to get it.


Have you done anything this summer to make up for the crappy weather?  Finishing my degree. To be out in the natural environment, I also went out to Ochapowace and Camp McKay with some people from my classes. We participated in the community feast and just spent the week embracing the indigenous cultures. That was really great to do this summer. I also did some harvesting of plants native to the area as well.


Interview and photography by Carey Shaw for Prairie Dog.

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