WHO: Kristopher White, machinist. WHERE: In his soon to be finished home. CLOTHES: T-shirt, $10, THR3E Clothing Connection (Lumsden); Takumi jeans, $250, handmade in Japan from Blue in Green (NY). ACCESSORIES: Union Bay glasses, $150, Shoppers optical. SHOES: Campers, $200, bought in Barcelona.


This year has been one track for Kris, who is putting the finishing touches on his new house, which is busily shared with his wife, two cats and one squirrel loving dog. But once done, he will be the proud new owner of a workshop, pottery studio, darkroom and one damn gorgeous house. And hopefully when that is all done, he can get back to working on some animation and building things that have nothing to do with his house.


What did you go to University for?  Technically drawing, which I actually didn't do a lot of. I did more stop-motion and 3D animation. Which is what got me into machining. Underneath all the characters, like in Nightmare Before Christmas, is an aluminum skeleton. And it was just too expensive to have someone make them for me, so I started making them.


What is your favorite thing to build?  I don't think I have a favorite thing to build. Anything new. Once I build it once, I get bored with it and will want to try something else.


Of everything you have made, what have you been the most proud of?  Probably my wedding ring.


Does your ability to create things influence your style?  I would say my style is simpler. I don't like flashy things. When I was younger, a lot of my clothes my mom bought for me in Spain, whenever we would go to visit. It was a lot of old European, well made and nicely designed clothing. At the time, I thought they were frick'n horrible and I was so embarrassed because everyone else had Zubaz pants.


Do you now consider how well made something is before you buy it?  I have always been that way I think. That is why I try and make, to a fault, everything that I can. I tried making my clothes once, but I was horrible at it and didn't know what I was doing.


Looking forward to pulling anything in particular out of the closet in anticipation for winter?  You can't go wrong with a nice pair of wool socks. I love dressing for extreme weather. I have an old pair of British issue wool army pants with suspenders. I love wool. I LOVE wool. It is so good. I feel out of a canoe into freezing cold water, and I was wearing all wool and I stayed warm! I love wool.


What is the typical machinist outfit?  Blue. With a zipper from the crotch to the throat!


Interview and photography by Carey Shaw for prairie dog