12/23/09: Mulberry St.

The day before Christmas Eve, and Danette and I decided to go shopping.  Last minute Christmas shopping?  Nope.  Just felt like buying ourselves something new.  And with Danette growing more and more everyday, some new maternity clothes were in need of some buying.  With a snow storm hitting Regina, and quite a few inches of fresh snow covering everything...was it the best idea to go shopping?  Probably not.

Top: We were starving.  And our restaurant was very blinky and flashy.

Bottom Left:  What I come home to.

Bottom Right:  While at the restaurant there was this man who we originally thought was a manager or something.  Turned out, he wasn't.  But he certainly was pissed off about someone hitting his car.  And he was going to sue.  But he really wanted to work on his relationship.  But he was mad.  He kept hanging up.  He dumped about a half a shaker of pepper into his soup.  He kept swearing.  People kept looking.  And then his friend showed up.  He ate his pizza with one hand, while he held a huge wad of 50's and 100's in his other hand.  And then he sat on the money so he could eat with two hands.  Danette couldn't stop staring.  So we decided we should leave before we got beat up.