Leah the Santanator

Total Christmas cheese....yup.  Do I love Christmas cheese...yup.


WHO: Leah 'the Santanator' Brodie, Communications Adviser for Santa's North Pole Division Workshop. WHERE: In her element. CLOTHES: Sequined Vera Moda shirt, $70, Toxic (Saskatoon); blue jeans, $80, The Gap (Cornwall Centre); black boots, $140, Aldo (Cornwall Centre). ACCESSORIES: Toque, gift; Hilberg & Berk clover leaf ring, MacKenzie Art Gallery Shop. HAIR: Andrea at Sunday Morning Organic Salon and Spa (Saskatoon).


We all know Saskatchewan has boomed over the past few years, and with Regina's population growing to 210,000 next year, it is no surprise that Santa's Workshop chose Regina to expand it's North Pole conglomerate to include our fair city. With this new business brings new residents, Leah being one of them. With a questionable nickname and an air of mystery, Leah is one new resident that proudly wears her red and white. But perhaps for a different meaning than we think.


How are you enjoying living in Regina during the winter?  I think it is OK. Your driving is horrible. Back home we use reindeer and carriage, and let me tell you, it is so much faster. And if our cell phone rings, we always have our assistant (elf) with us, so we don't need to worry about getting pulled over. And believe you me, you don't want to get pulled over by one of His men. Huge assholes.


“His” men? Do you mean Santa?  Who the hell else would I mean?


So you have met him before?  Um, ya, you could say that! I mean, he is my boss and all. He really took me under his wing this past year. I was able to accompany him to a lot of conferences this year, and we became really close. Like, look at him. That big red suit of his and always giving away his gifts. I really admire him, and love being around him. Plutonicly I mean. Of course. Haha.


Have you met Mrs. Claus?  Yes. She doesn't care for me too much. I am not allowed to talk about it.


Says who?  Says the restraining order.


Oh, OK. What do you hope is in your stocking this year?  What! You can't ask me that! Oh, never mind, I misunderstood what you are asking me. I would really like the original vinyl of Christmas Without You by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. It really hits a soft spot for me.


Favourite Christmas movie?  Die Hard.


First thing you are going to do Christmas morning?  A girl will never tell.


"Interview" and photography by Carey Shaw for prairie dog