WHO: Gabriel Yahyahkeekoot, video artist. WHERE: Taking a break from the traditional Sunday afternoon of football, spicy meats and deep fried junk food. CLOTHES: DC stretch jeans, $60, Tiki Room Outlet (Southland Mall); underwear shirt, $25, Gap (Cornwall Centre); Statik t-shirt $25, Winners (2135 Prince of Wales Dr.) ACCESSORIES: Nixon watch, $150; turquoisee ring, gift; protector ring, $15, Mysteria Gallery (2706 13th Ave.); brown leatherbracelete, gift; eyebrow ring, $35, Rising Sun (1779 Albert St.); white earring, $20, Cornwall Centre. HAIR: Sterling Brass, Salon Snax (1861 Scarth St.)


Tristan's clothes: “Little Horsemen” Metallica shirt, $25, Vintage Vinyl (2335 11th Ave.) and black cords, $17, Children's Palace (Cornwall Centre).


The current Artist in Residence at the MacKenzie Art Galley, Gabe's video work and poetry allows him to have a voice to point out his opinions of our communities and the world in general. He is also one of twelve filmmakers who are collaborating on a project called “I Heart Regina”where each artist will be given the chance to share their take on Regina. Originally from Beardy's Okemasis First Nation, Gabe's film will show the darker side of Regina and the 'underbelly'isms of our city, but as Gabe says, 'most true stories are'. But fatherhood is taking up most of him time right now, something that seems to suit him and his young son quite well.


Tell me about the picture you are photographed with.  It is a picture of my dad around the age of 24. In the background, all the tents and flags are blowing in the wind, but on my dad his feathers and his roach aren't moving and are completely still. He wasn't touched by the wind. It is a special picture. My dad still has some of the bead work. It is why I got a feather tattoo. Pow wow was such a big part of his life, and I never really got into it, so it was my homage to him and the culture.


Would your own personal fashion style relates at all to your style of art?  I would say so. I have a little bit of hip hop style and my work has always had some element of hip hop. But my style is borrowed a little bit from everything. Sometimes I pull GQ, but sometimes I like skater shoes and stuff and sometimes a little bit more metal. I am a mosaic of influences!


Which hip hop artist do you think has the best style?  Common. I totally love his style. And he always has a hat to match.


If someone were to open your closet, what would be the first thing they would see?  Definitely jeans. I have lots of jeans. But I have brothers who are more than willing to take the hand-me-downs, since some of them have hardly been warn.


What was a worse: mesh shoes or florescent bicycle shorts?  Ahh, I liked mesh shoes! I watched Miami Vice as a kid, and when Don Johnson pulled out the shoes, the whole night I would love them. But I think men's speedos were the worst invention.


Interview and photography by Carey Shaw for prairie dog