Old polaroids

After cleaning up my work space and going through old disks, I found a project that I had kind of forgot about. 

In April of 2004, my friend (AJ Schepers) and I did a Polaroid project that was published in Calgary's FFWD Weekly for 13 weeks.  The project:  we each had an instant Polaroid camera and for 13 hours we shot.  Shot everything and anything.  We then paired up 2 images (one from each of us) for 13 sets.  The following is the description that I had sent to FFWD.

"so..the whole basis of this little experiment was to see what the hell would happen.  Simple as that.  2 people, 13 polaroids, a Polaroid each for each hour - and this is what happened.  Started off simple, a bit uncomfortable, got a bit tired and uninspired, and along the way some nice things transpired.  Two people stuck together in a relationship based on a little camera we like to call a Polaroid."

I will share a few of the Polaroids here and there.  Hope you enjoy them.