I'm shopping handmade

I have decided to buy as many local/handmade presents this holiday season as I possibly can.  There is so much great stuff out there and I don't have to go into some crazy mall to get it...so I figure why the hell not!  And after a few hours on Etsy this weekend, I certainly found some jems.  Below are a few of my favorite sellers...

Lola's Room Photography - gorgeous moody pastel-y...lovely

Sparrow Salvage - I just want to touch everything

Sea Unicorn - amazing (!!!) jewelry

CrArt - so pretty from Helsinki

Blue Nostalgia - name says it all

Paloma's Nest - perfect wedding presents

Alicia Bock Photography - I have a few of her pieces and I couldn't be more in love with them

Lottie Da Designs - makes me want to get married just so I can wear something pretty in my hair

She Hit Pause Studios - sexy sexy Polaroid transfers

Tall Buildings - super power fun!!!

The Intuitive Garden - swoon

And of course to be my own marketing/advertising/promotional/rep/bill payer/bunny food supplier...

I have to say: You want to buy some photography? 

Buy mine! 

You can check out what is in my shop here.  I even have gift certificates!

carey xo