WHO: Bonnie Hunt, Recruitment Liaison Coordinator at the University of Regina Career Centre. WHERE: Old Hill Ave. Fire Hall CLOTHES: Vera Moda sweater, $55, Hot Gossip on 17th Ave in Calgary; Guess skinny jean, Guess store in Market Mall, Calgary ACCESSORIES: Earrings, $10, Aldo Accessories (Cornwall Centre) . SHOES: Browns boots, Browns shoe store in South Centre mall in Calgary. HAIR: Paula deMontigny; Perimeters Studio.


Until Bonnie wins the lottery and can disappear for a year to travel, she can be found studying, meeting friends for a glass of wine after a crazy day, going for a run (preferably on a warm summer night), or reading one of the five books she has on the go. At work, she is a career service recruitment coordinator, which includes a long list of duties such as managing a budget, creating promotional material, administering programs and career counseling. Although her list of duties is long, she finds it quite rewarding. As a helper, who likes to help people, it sounds like a pretty good fit.


Most treasured piece of clothing?  Definitely my white William Rast skinny jeans. I picked them up at Marler on an end of season sale. They fit perfectly and I love the little rhinestones on the back pockets. Everyone keeps telling me I can't wear them in the fall/winter but I have every intention of rocking them out with a pair of black boots. The old rule of not wearing white after labour day is definitely passe in my books.

What inspires you?   I'm inspired by vintage looks. Fashion is cyclical. The styles of the past always re-emerge in the future. In a sense, by looking into the past you can see the trends of the future.

Something you are looking forward to pulling out of your closet for the upcoming winter?  My new Miss Sixty wool jacket! I LOVE it! It's funny, I had this vision in my head of the coat I wanted for this fall/winter and I just randomly found it one day at Winners. That was certainly unexpected. I never would have thought Winners carried Miss Sixty.

Who would you rather have a cup of tea with: Coco Chanel or Betsey Johnson?  Coco Chanel! She's classic! I like Betsey Johnson too but her styles are a little over the top for me. I was in a Betsey Johnson store in LA two years ago. Many of the styles were very frilly and multi-coloured - a bit busy for my liking. I definitely favour a vintage or classic look.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be...  A doctor! I wanted to be a pediatrician and work with babies all day. After that I wanted to be a lawyer. I've changed my mind a few times! I think that's pretty normal. I'm on a good path career wise though. I'm pretty excited to see what the future has in store for me. I started the Master of Public Administration program this fall at the University of Regina. You never know, completing that program may set me out on another totally different path than the one I'm on right now. If it doesn't though, I won't be disappointed. I'm definitely a learn for the sake of learning type of person. Life is all about learning.


Interview and photography by Carey Shaw for prairie dog