the weekend is over

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!  Although mine was 90% filled with work (and a small stop at Starbucks/Chapters with a friend), it was still an ok one.  What helped this working weekend go by a little quicker, was a little of the following:


1) Receiving my Rag and Bone Bindery album in the mail!!! 

It took a while, but it was well worth the wait!  I have been trying to find some cool albums to put client work in, and all I could find was the same old, same old.  Until I stumbled upon Rag and Bone. 

This NY company makes the most gorgeous and contemporary handmade albums I have come across.  Can't wait to see what next seasons clients order!

I ordered mine in the orange wood grain.  Of course.  I am not predictable at all.






2) Planning my upcoming trip to Vancouver with my friend!  Yay for weekend getaway vacations!  And I found this photography exhibit that I can't wait to see...Scott McFarland at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  


Scott McFarland
Boathouse with Moonlight, 2003
chromogenic print
Collection of the Vanocuver Art Gallery
Gift of Michael Audain and Yoshiko Karasawa



3) Of course working on some images that I had some fun with.  Stay tuned for some more....








4) A little phone conversation with my friend Kelly who I am meeting up with in Toronto this May.  I haven't seen her forever, and I can't wait to visit Toronto and Montreal with her!  Next plan of the Drake Hotel!






5) This little jem of really cool websites to check out.  Do it.


And that's all for now.  I might have a bit more tidbits of fun info..but that will just have to wait for a tiny bit.


Back to work I go...