WHO: Fallon Mazurkewich, Globe Theatre marketing director/artistic associate. WHERE: Clock tower above Globe Theatre. CLOTHES: Leather jacket $395 by Soïa & Kyo, Zoe’s (126-1801 Scarth St.); dress by Alexis Georgio $495, NWL (1860 Hamilton St.). SHOES: Black Sebo boots $140, Aldo (Cornwall Centre). ACCESSORIES: Feather earrings $12, Aldo Accessories (Cornwall Centre). HAIR: Janelle Mazurkewich at Soma Spa South (3775 Pasqua St.).


After a trip to Bali this summer, Fallon is kicking off the fall with her fourth season working as the Globe Theatre’s marketing director. She’s also a freelance graphic designer. And this year she’s the Globe’s artistic associate for the first time, which should keep her creative juices fizzing. On top of all that, Fallon’s helping plan the upcoming NWL fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. A busy year, but it sounds like a good one for a girl who loves artful work.


Tell me about Bali.  It was amazing. I had no preconceived notions before I went; I just kind of hopped on the plane and thought I would figure it out once I got there. The fashion was amazing. A lot of fashion designers get their start there. The fabric is so interesting and unique. I picked up a lot of unique dresses that you would never see anything like in Canada.


I picked Bali because it didn’t seem such a party and crazy [place] as Thailand, [which is] almost like a spring break destination. The culture was still intact and I could still see the temples. It was really interesting to see people do 17 ceremonies a day.


Describe your personal style.  My closet is mostly black and white. It is like I have a palette that I work from, and the majority is black and white and then some purple and turquoises. My favourite season for fashion is fall because of all the layers and tights. And I really like to throw in costume pieces as well.


What’s your shitty-day go-to outfit?  I have these jean short cut-offs and this sweater that I bought in Bali. It still smells like the ocean so I have been wearing it to remind me of Bali. It’s so cozy and has a charm to it.


Whose closet would you love to borrow from?  I like everything Lindsay Lohan wears. It’s all very black, white and grey, and has an edge to it. I like taking softer pieces and putting something edgier with it, like a leather jacket.


What was the first piece of clothing you got when you were growing up, where you thought “I’m cool”?  My parents used to laugh at me because they said I used to change outfits seven times a day. I was the kid who was always wearing costume pieces and dressing like Madonna while going to church. They would always ask me if maybe I could wear two gloves instead of one to church.


Interview and photography by Carey Shaw for prairie dog